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At Batool Nohan, you can design your own personalized made-to-measure furniture, perfectly tailored to your style. We’re known for making our customers’ unique ideas come to life, breaking away from the ordinary mass-produced furniture. Check out all the cool features and options in our website. With these choices, your furniture will be truly yours, down to the last detail.

Special Request: Door Conversions

Many of our loyal customers often request door conversions. This unique feature not only adds a distinctive look to your furniture but also optimizes previously unused storage space. We are ready to assist you in planning your personalized door conversion to suit your needs.

Special Request: Color Combinations

We’re delighted to assist you in selecting the perfect materials and colors for your new custom-made furniture piece. Our goal is to ensure that your product stands out and seamlessly complements your existing decor.

Special Request: Corner Constructions

We often incorporate corner constructions for our customers, and we can assist you in your initial planning. We can adapt most of our prefabricated products to fit corner spaces.

Special Request: Reception Tables

Beginning with the reception desk, we’re here to assist you in planning top-notch office furniture to create the ideal workspace, ensuring both comfort and productivity.

Special Request: Bringing Your Design Sketch to Life

Feel free to share a photo or sketch of your customized design project with us, and we’ll provide you with a complimentary, non-binding quotation.

Special Request: Hallway Seating

A chest of drawers makes for the perfect furniture piece for your entrance area or hallway. We can transform any sideboard or cabinet into a functional storage solution that also provides essential seating.

Diverse Materials, Premium Quality

Explore our captivating selection of solid wood types and alternative wood-based materials, providing you with numerous options to perfect your custom-made furniture pieces. Our natural wood materials are all sourced from sustainable and reputable European forestry, ensuring both quality and environmental responsibility.



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