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In 2015, Batool Nohan was founded by Interior Designer Batool Nohan with a mission to create bespoke and exclusive interior designs deeply rooted in the culture and heritage of the region, while incorporating global trends in contemporary design. Since its inception, Batool Nohan has excelled in large-scale residential villas, commercial, and corporate office projects, earning a reputation for excellence and performance.

Our dedication to craftsmanship and the delivery of exclusive luxury designs has solidified our position as one of the leading companies in the United Arab Emirates. We take pride in our ability to merge different themes into aesthetics that align with global interior industry styles. From state-of-the-art designs to luxury furniture, finishing materials, and decorative accessories, sourced from our partnerships with industry leaders and factories worldwide, we ensure every project exceeds expectations.

Today, Batool Nohan has expanded to include Batool Nohan Limited in the United Kingdom, serving clients in London and beyond. Located in the UAE, overlooking the entire GCC market, our portfolio boasts leading luxury projects and high-end designs that have gained international recognition.

Founder and CEO, Batool Nohan, is a regionally recognized architecture and interiors expert with a deep understanding of UAE culture and contemporary aesthetics. A graduate of Al Ghurair University of Dubai, Batool’s journey began in 2015 when she launched Batool Nohan in Abu Dhabi. Since then, the company has expanded its operations to cover all emirates, GCC countries, and the United Kingdom.

Batool specializes in creating soulful and exceptional interiors with a global aesthetic, reflecting her clients’ unique personality, dreams, aspirations, and life journey, while supporting their lifestyle. Her vision is to change lives, crafting thoughtful and tailored spaces that evoke a ‘Sense of Home’ for clients worldwide. Passionate about designing stunning and imaginative spaces for vacation homeowners across Europe, the United Kingdom, and Turkey, Batool ensures every project becomes the ultimate ‘home away from home’.

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