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Please take a few moments to complete the information requested below. Brief answers are fine. Use the end of this document if you would like to provide more information. Thank you for your cooperation. All information will be kept confidential.

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Please state the name of the company, organisation or group.
1st line of your street address and number
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A short description of the Project .

Please provide us with the names and ages of your household members and any special needs they may have:

E.g., wheelchair accessibility, inability to reach high places, need for dim lighting, trouble with stairs.
Do you have any hobbies, extra-curricular activities, people who are studying or any special collections or memorabilia that need to be taken into consideration? Dedicated study space or a purpose-built craft/hobby room could be helpful. Or a special cabinet or storage area for your collections may need to be factored in. It is best to make your designer aware of any of these needs prior to a concept being developed.
You might like to prepare by writing a list about the things that currently work well and things that frustrate you. These can be big things (not enough bathrooms, not enough storage, layout of the kitchen) through to small things (colour of the walls, feel of the master bedroom). List everything out in two coloumns as something to start your thinking. Next priorities from most important to least important the things in the hate/dislike list. There are likely to be things on the list that can be really easily changed that will start to make a big impact (e.g. could you get new linen for the bedrooms, paint the house one room at a time, put in some new window dressings, have light fittings changed to something more modern). This list will also help your designer understand your priorities and where budget should be spent to begin with.
For example, your master bedroom is obviously for sleeping, but what about lighting the room, do you want a TV (if so, where? as placement of cables needs to be factored in), would a USB point next to the bed be helpful for charging phones? Do you need a chair to sit in or throw clothes on? Go around each room and think about how you use the rooms and any changes - big or small - that would improve the function of the room for you and your family.
E.g., surround sound, wifi, home theater, computers, projector, smartboard, hidden cables, smart house system.
e.g., warm, cozy, airy, bright, lively, glamorous, welcoming
e.g., hardwood, carpet, concrete, tile, marble
e.g., abstract, landscape, nature, photographs, architecture
Please provide direct phone number and email address.
incredibly involved, involved, minimally involved.
If in phases, please list the rooms/areas/functionalities you would like us to work on in order.
If yes –how the experience was, what went well and what did not
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Thank you for your input. We look forward to serving you with your design needs. If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely, Batool Nohan Lead Interior Designer Batool Nohan Limited.
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